Blackstone Dilworth

Owner and Chairman of the Board

    Mr. Dilworth began his career as a cattle rancher. Having grown up on a ranch in South Texas, Mr. Dilworth has been exposed to many aspects of the oil and gas industry. Although ranching continues to be one of his primary ventures, Mr. Dilworth has established and maintains ventures in a variety of other industries, including oil and gas, multi-use real estate development, and communication tower development.


    For many years, Mr. Dilworth has managed the oil and gas activities of his personal mineral interests, as well as those of several family members. He has represented the mineral interest owners in numerous transactions with many oil companies over the years. Through these transactions, he became interested in the exploration and production side of the business. In the years that followed, he acquired royalty and working interests in over 200 producing wells in South Texas. Along the way, he developed a desire to be an operator on some of the wells he owned. In 2005, he put together a management team and investor group to drill and operate several wells. That start evolved into San lsidro Development Company, LC.


    In the mid 1970's, Mr. Dilworth interrupted his career as a farm and ranch appraiser to take over the ranching and oil and gas operations of his extended family. In 1983, his newly formed company, Towers of Texas, purchased their first towers. Over the next twenty years, Towers of Texas developed over 600 tower sites in South Texas. In 1990, Mr. Dilworth added a tower fabrication plant to his tower operation. By 1995, Mr. Dilworth's fabricating company had stopped selling towers to unrelated tower owners and built towers exclusively for Towers of Texas.


    Beginning in 1996, personal communications systems ("PCS") companies had started to build out markets in South Texas. Mr. Dilworth's contacts and experience in the tower industry resulted in Towers of Texas developing PCS sites. In 1998, Towers of Texas sold its remaining tall multi-use towers to devote all of its resources to PCS towers. Through Towers of Texas Site Development, over 500 sites have been developed, over 200 for Dilworth ownership. Towers of Texas Wireless Services, added to the group in 1998, has worked on more than 600 carrier sites, offering services to carriers that range from construction of carrier-owned sites to antenna, line, and equipment installation and commissioning.


    By creating a partnership with American Tower in 1999 to develop PCS towers in a specific geographical region, both companies shared in the growth and development, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of sites. The partnership contracted Towers of Texas companies for turnkey development of the sites, as well as the operation of the completed sites. The partnership was successfully ended in 2001, with American Tower buying out the 49% interest of Towers of Texas Investments.


    Mr. Dilworth brings to San lsidro extensive experience, integrity and recognition as a trusted leader and an industry veteran. Mr. Dilworth will work with the Board and the CEO on matters of strategic importance, including further acquisition, exploration and production programs. Although Mr. Dilworth has numerous business ventures, he will continue to commit the majority of his time to San lsidro Development.


San Isidro Development Company, L.C.

500 N Shoreline Blvd Suite #1005 Corpus Christi, TX 78401



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